Continuously challenge the limits of EOSIO high-performance computing, and provide the community with monitoring tools, empirical research data, best practices and guidelines to help block producers and node operators improve their performance, scale their operations and optimize their infrastructure

Who we are

A collaborative research initiative dedicated to the continuous improvement of the EOS network infrastructure through cutting-edge experimentation and objective measurement of block producers’ performance.

Objective Measurement

EOS Mechanics is deploying different smart contracts and conducting various experiments with different hardware and software configurations on testnets, and will periodically produce research papers, articles and recommendations to help the community improve the efficiency and robustness of the network.

Mersenne primes

Our first contract’s CPU action calculates Mersenne prime numbers and is called at random short intervals, recording data points on-chain for each producer. The Mersenne primes calculation is a natural first choice as it is an industry standard for measuring CPU performance and uses code operations that are common in software development.

Deployed: Mainnet, Jungle and CryptoKylin

To visualize data: Aloha EOS, EOS Titan


Token holders should not rely on individual results as an absolute indication of block producers’ performance. Results are mainly intended for operators of the EOS infrastructure to have additional metrics that can aid them in testing different infrastructures, configurations and features while identifying performance differences and potential bottlenecks. These statistics are not subject to verification by other nodes on the network, therefore it is possible for block producers to manipulate them. Furthermore, running custom software or configurations may impact the measurement of these metrics.

Join the conversation

Individuals and organizations interested in contributing efforts and resources to this ambitious research endeavor are invited to get in touch with us.